Transformation and Reintegration Success Expert, Justice Reform Advocate, Life Coach

Sima Cohen is a certified life coach and holds a certificate from Life Coach Institute which is an accredited ICF (International Coach Federation).


Sima hails from a low income, crime filled neighborhood in Israel. With no resources at her disposal and realizing she wanted more for herself, Sima left home at a young age to fulfill her destiny. At age 20 she accomplished her lifelong dream of moving to America, a country in which she did not speak the language and did not know a soul. She credits this country for giving her a second chance and she vowed that she would do whatever it takes to pay it forward. And for the past two decades that is exactly what she has been doing. Through her willingness and unmatched determination, Sima became a certified life coach and has been helping deserving individuals for over 20 years. From prison inmates to single mothers to entertainment professionals, Sima has coached human beings from all walks of life.


Sima has put her coaching expertise to use philanthropically with her outreach program which focuses on the rehabilitation of the incarcerated, ex-cons, ex-gang members, sexual abuse victims, struggling single mothers, and deserving individuals in dire need of a second chance. Most recently, Sima was assigned to transform the lives of those released by Kim Kardashian-West’s The Justice Project, the documentary released on the Oxygen Network in April of 2020. Sima’s life purpose is to change humanity and shift consciousness to better humankind.


“It’s up to you to live life on your own terms. Make that choice every moment, starting right now.”

- Sima

“All it takes is one second chance to create a butterfly effect that will change the trajectory of many lives down the road.”

- Sima

The 2nd C.H.A.N.C.E Method

Creating the Foundation – Everyone has a story, and the process begins here.
Honing the Goal – Setting the plans and intentions of where you want to go.
Access to Experts – Sima brings in trained experts to further aid in the process.
New Beginning – Letting go of the past and creating better habits and a new mindset.
Creating the Domino Effect – Paying it forward in order to elevate yourself and society.
Embrace – Allowing the change to set in and embracing your new self.


“Everything in life happens for a reason. Every person, every situation and every circumstance is here to help you grow and become the person you are meant to be.”

- Sima

Second Chances Show Trailer

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“You can’t give what you don’t have. The more you give, the more you have.”

- Sima

Every Coach Needs a Coach

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