Sima Cohen is a tour de force in the wellness and media sectors. Using her originality, and inventiveness, Sima is the founder and CEO of SKYLLD International Media, a wellness and transformation coach, celebrity trainer, TV personality, Host of “Sima’s Living”, justice reform advocate, producer, and published author of Sima’s Healthy Indulgences, published by Skyhorse Publishing. Her ingenious way of maneuvering key aspects of livelihood for personal betterment have made her a staple in the wellness community. Sima’s prolific career began when she became her own first client. At the age of 11, Sima abandoned her home in search of a better life.  Starting from the bottom, she elevated herself through persistence and dedication while creating a diligent strategy to heal and aid others. In her life journey, she learned the important elements that govern and influence health and happiness. Her skills and entrepreneurial mindset made her a leader and innovator for the next two decades, transforming countless lives in the process. Sima works to transform the lives of celebrities by formulating a personalized and simple plan that internally dives into the behavioral drawbacks of each individual. Sima’s career continually concentrates on reconstructing the lives of prisoners, ex-prisoners, ex-gang members, sexual abuse victims, single mothers, and deserving individuals in dire need of a second chance. Most recently, Sima is assigned to transform the lives of those released by Kim Kardashian-West through her documentary, The Justice Project, released on the Oxygen Network in April of 2020.


Sima is currently in the process of developing her own TV show, Second Chances, a heartfelt docuseries that transforms the lives of deserving individuals already cast out by society.

Through her time on television, Sima has produced hundreds of her highly sought-after “Sima’s Living” segments with major TV networks across the US, bringing her top lifestyle picks to California, Nevada, Utah, and Florida She appears regularly as a contributor to NBC7, FOX40, FOX11, ABC10, and KLAS. Sima has connections around the globe, partnering and collaborating with well respected brands spanning from the U.S., Mexico, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, and France.

Whether working one-on-one with her clients, filming, or hosting one of her TV segments, Sima embodies healthy living with a purpose. That purpose is to transform lives of suffering from hopelessness, addiction, and uncertainty into happy individuals exhibiting healthy relationships with mind, body, and soul. She creates a catalytic environment in which others can take charge of their life and destiny. Sima works closely with Homeboy Industries – the largest non-profit gang intervention, rehab and re-entry program in the world. She is currently in the process of starting a new nonprofit to build schools in Tanzania for women and children living in poverty. Sima’s life’s purpose is to change humanity and shift consciousness in order to better humankind.

This is Sima’s gift. She is a proud mother to her daughter, and they reside in Los Angeles, California.