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“Our most important work is to become who we are capable of being, Sima Cohen is a guide through the often- confusing jungles of health and wellness, paving a path beyond mere self-improvement to self- actualization. In following the path we find a fuller experience of ourselves.”







“I wanted to lose weight to keep up with my new family. Problem is I love to eat and hate to diet. The combination of good food, quick but effective workouts, and the 3rd element of ‘Self’ that comes with the program helped me to keep stress at a healthy low. I was initially scared of building muscle but now that I see my body in the mirror I am ready for more! Being in shape makes me feel young and this program did it all for me! Today I’m 15 pounds lighter, more toned, and more defined in my mid-section, arms, and legs. I fit into my size 4 clothes. This is so amazing since it happened only in 4 short weeks! Advice for others: Stop obsessing over carbs and calories like I was doing. Arm yourself with the knowledge in Sima’s programs!”

Elanit Alkobi

Mother of Four

Real Estate Broker

Calabasas, California


“We have come to know Sima Cohen through her dedication towards spreading her work as a lifestyle / spiritual coach and a trainer. She is equally dedicated to her own family, and her personal history exemplifies the possibilities of her approach. It has been an absolute pleasure working with her to find new and exciting ways to capture her captivating enthusiasm and energy and we look forward to all the marvelous things she has coming up. JLTV is proud to call Sima a friend and we look forward to the opportunity to promote and collaborate with Ms. Cohen’s future ventures including books, programs, and TV programing.”




“I want to thank Sima from the bottom of my heart because she changed my life. I struggled with weight problems all my life, especially having 3 kids. Sima transformed my body inside and out. Sima kicked my butt with effective circuit routines, along with a detox and nutritional plan. I feel so blessed to have her entire delicious secret menu. I have lost 25 pounds, plenty of inches and gained lean muscles. She is sweet, fun, and phenomenal. I have a very busy schedule but have had no problem finding foods I like, an exercise plan that works, and I feel better than I’ve felt in years!”

Shira Wintner

Makeup Artist

Tarzana, California

“I confided in Sima, who has since become my closest friend and health mentor, and she vowed the world would soon know the truth…I remember the first lesson Sima gave to me; it was simple: “Talk to the problem instead of about the problem.” She advised me to think of solutions and remember that there is no problem that stays on. Sima promised that she would ensure I am well looked after, that she is a friend by my side…”



2009 Top 10 CNN Hero of the Year

England, United Kingdom


“Working with Sima has been one of the best things I have ever done for my health. Following a serious medical condition in July 2010, I wanted to improve my general fitness and strength, and to lose the excess weight I had carried for most of my life. Following Sima’s initial assessment of my state of health, I began her food and exercise plan that I am still following with ease three months later. I am still working to improve my health, but I can honestly tell you, this program makes it so much simpler.”



Beverly Hills, California


“In the years I have known Sima, it has become apparent to me, that she embodies the qualities of a great leader and teacher: dedication, discipline, and inspiration. Sima’s expertise in the field of health and fitness, touches on the most integral part within our core, our spirits. Each one of us needs a Sima, in our lives, a person of integrity, character, and authenticity.”




Sima is a once in a life time gift. Having the honor to spend precious time with Sima every week, and witness her exemplify structure, strength and discipline… keeps me on course, to who I want to be! Add to this… Sima’s extensive knowledge of nutrition and exercise with her passion to help meand my family! I could not feel more lucky and grateful to her… as my coach and friend.”

Abigail Goldberg

President of Perfect Productions, Inc.

Beverly Hills, California

I am a Psychoneurologist and Integrative Healer. Meeting Sima Cohen has been a true blessing. She is not only a mentor, trainer, health/wellness coach, and nutritionist; she is also a spiritual being who looks at the whole person way beyond their capabilities. What she does for her clients is out of pure love and with pure intention to support them toward where they have always wanted to be. Her purpose is to support her clients to become healthier and happier beings while enjoying amazingly delicious super foods. Since I have been under Sima’s care, I have more energy every day. I am more toned all over and have much less pain. I have been recommending her services to friends, family and loved ones so they can become healthier and happier beings.

Noushin Nikfarjam, PhD


Brentwood, California


“I had just gotten out of a divorce. I was stressed, depressed, and 35 lbs overweight. I began following Sima’s TRANSFORM method, my life and health has changed drastically. After only 3 workouts my energy skyrocketed and after 10 workouts my stubborn waistline started to shrink. After 30 days under Sima’s guidance I’ve lost 20 lbs of body fat and gained lean muscle mass all over. I’m very thankful that I had the chance to meet an angel and professional such as Sima. I recommend her for anyone looking to lose weight the right way and I look forward to the publishing of her book which will allow her revolutionary method to be accessible to millions who don’t reside in LA!”

Irene Streck

Full Charge Bookkeeper

Encino, California


“I cherish her ability to inspire, support and encourage. Sima helps me choose a path towards healthy solutions in nutrition, exercise and life as a whole, and stay on the healthy path for life.”




“I was skeptical of personal trainers and felt that exercise was something you could on your own. My wife convinced me that it was time to take action. I met Sima through a friend who had been training with her and had nothing but positive things to say. I have been training with her now for about 2 months, and I can honestly say, it is the best thing that I have ever done for my health. Sima customized a nutrition plan for me based on the principles of her 3D-X program and it is life changing since it’s based on the principles of stabilizing blood sugar and food combinations. For the first time in a long time I don’t feel deprived or get headaches and I actually eat more and have lost more weight! I also have a lot more energy. Sima understands that weight loss starts with the words you use and the beliefs you hold – and her program has completely changed the way I view ‘Self’. As a busy physician, I find this is the only way to commit to better health and avoid excuses. I highly recommend her approach for serious, long-lasting results.”

Kamran Kampari, M.D.

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

Beverly Hills, California

“Sima has proved to be a superb collaborator in our wellness efforts and our successes. In addition to Sima’s broad knowledge and expertise, she has a genuine passion for the overall fitness and wellness field.”

Maria Mazurzki

Founder & CEO of TourDeFit.com

Atlanta, Georgia


“I would like to thank you for starting amazing positive changes! I’ve been following the nutrition plan you custom-made for me and you’ve been training me. I need the world to know how transforming your program is! My health needs are challenging: a 40-pounds overweight former athlete, working mother, and a heightened risk for diabetes. I knew that only a knowledgeable trainer and nutritionist can possibly create a program that can spark the changes I so desperately need. Sima, you are the one who was able to take everything into consideration and in a caring and authoritative way to ease me into changing my nutritions, help me learn how to flex and strengthen my body.”


Mother of Four

Software Developer

Valley Village, California


“Sima knows food and nutrition better than most doctors, if she can help me, she can help anyone!”




“Her extensive knowledge of health and fitness, and her desire to spread this knowledge across the widest possible audience truly is an inspiration. While we have the opportunity to form alliances with an extensive list of potential partners, few present the passion and breadth of expertise that Sima demonstrates. Her unique approach to wellness sets her vision far above customary expectations.”

Arthur G. Insana


Woodland Hills, California

“She is the Mercedes Benz of fitness products, the Ritz Carlton of services— she is five stars!”

Jackie Lay

Disney Interactive Media Group

Valley Village, California


“I started Sima’s program after a year and a half of not exercising and eating poorly. I thought it would be a difficult transition but Sima’s gentle approach was un-intimidating! Her personality allows you to feel like you are in control and motivates you to stick to the meal plan and exercise regimen. I admire that she relies on clean food to change your health as opposed to other programs that depend on processed bars, powders, and such. I am now on the right track to becoming healthier, leaner, stronger, and more fit. She is a no-nonsense type of person, yet very genuine and concerned for her clients. I am so glad to be working with Sima and cherish our relationship for years to come!”

Jenny Adelpour

Perinatal Registered Nurse

Sherman Oaks, California


“I am very impressed with her knowledge, abilities and dedication to her profession.”




“It has been a pleasure to have Sima Cohen training me. Sima’s passion for health and fitness is contagious- she’s she gym teacher that every person should have!”

Delaram Hanookai DDS, MS

Periodontist & Dental Implantologist

Mountain Gate, California

“Sima possesses an eternally upbeat personality which must be considered a commodity. About a year ago Sima presented a joint venture opportunity which made me very interested in exploring the possibilities. Once I started working with her it became very obvious that unquestionably she is one of the most able people that I have seen, her work habits consistently reflected a level of insightfulness and attention to details that is unique to Sima.”

Dr. Shahriar Rad, D.C.


Encino, California


“Sima’s ability to help others change their lifestyle is amazing.”




“Her STM Method training sessions consistently incorporate stretching, yoga and meditation. A harmonious balance of these worlds becomes combined beautifully into one. She is a whole lifestyle coach that goes above and beyond what a traditional trainer does. She
truly LOVES to help and serve people not just physically but mentally, emotionally and spiritually.”

Bita S. Yadidi, D.A.O.M., L.Ac.

Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, & Nutrition

Los Angeles, California

“Sima is a very vibrant and passionate person who makes our workouts fun and she is also very conscientious. She calls either the same day or the next as a further follow-up. Sima has become more than just a trainer; she’s become my friend. I’m also thankful for her receptivity to my extending part of my life to her and sharing the knowledge of the Truth which is the basis for The Eigard Method.”

Lea Eigard

Owner of Lea Advanced Skincare Spa

Beverly Hills, California


“When it comes to authenticity and drive, no one embodies these talents more than Sima. Fueled by her core as a mother, an entrepreneur, a listener, and most important a doer, Sima brings people together with the uncanny ability to extract their true potential best.”

Justin Khan

CEO & Co-Founder of Newzcard

Beverly Hills, California

“In only a few months, Sima Cohen has already made a tremendous impact on my physical and mental wellbeing. With the utmost care and expertise, Sima has the ability to motivate and inspire to the very highest level and thankfully for me, the results are both real and tangible. My friends and family have already noticed the positive shift and want to know what I am doing differently. What’s different is Sima, but ‘shhhh’ don’t tell anyone!”

Sacha Gervasi


Los Angeles, California

“If you are ready for a life change, there is no better guide than Sima to help take you on a total transformation. Her nurturing approach can help you to materialize life gains you only dreamed possible and her self-empowering guidance can lead you to getting everything you want out of life. Working with Sima for the last two months has taking me on a fast track to being a better, stronger me both inside and out.”




“Sima’s approach is holistic and highly effective. She looks at the whole person – mind, body, and soul – and works out the best program to support you on all those levels, enabling you to reach your goals. Her unwavering support and expertise means you gain the confidence to keep going and you start to surprise yourself with your accomplishments. She is strong yet gentle, tough but fair and if you follow her program it really, really works.”

Jessica de Rothschild


Los Angeles, California


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