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 “I really am grateful for each and every moment since I started training with you. As a mom to 3 kids, it wasn’t easy for me to find the time to get in shape, exercise, or even talk about dieting. Time and commitment were big issues for me. Since I started training with you and following your amazing food plan I feel amazing, look fabulous, and get so many compliments from family and friends. The diet is just amazing and not hard at all; I can easily fit it into my every day life. I must admit the circuits are really hard, but it’s worth it. I can really tell after only 4 weeks of training with you that my body are changing and starting to look athletic, defined, and leaner. Thank you so much for everything.”




“I am the stereotypical ‘serial dieter’. I am only 23, have always been slightly overweight, and have been on every diet imaginable with little long term success. If I lost 20 pounds, I would hit a plateau and gain 10-15 back. I finally made a choice to make a lifestyle change so that I could have the body I want without driving myself crazy with counting points or calories. I went to another nutritionist before Sima and lost 3 pounds in 3 months! I then was blessed enough to discover Sima. Within the first 3 weeks, I lost more weight than I had in the last 3 months. Her nutrition plan is totally doable, flexible, and fits easily into my lifestyle. Sima redefined the word ‘diet’ for me. It went from ‘starvation, cravings, points, calories, misery’ to simply ‘the way I eat’. In addition to her nutritional expertise, Sima is an amazing trainer. She pushes me to the limit and I have seen drastic changes to my body that I have never been able to achieve before. On top of everything, when you work with Sima, she opens her heart to you and she whole-heartedly wants to help you succeed. With her guidance and most importantly, with her support, I have pushed past my plateaus and changed the way I look at food, dieting, and myself.”

Jenna Harris


Beverly Hills, California




“I remember the first lesson Sima gave to me. It was simple: “Talk to the problem instead of about the problem.” She advised me to think of solutions and remember that there is no problem that stays on. Sima promised that she would ensure I am well looked after, that she is a friend by my side… She feels that… in order for me to continue caring for the girls I must also care for myself. Now I have started Sima’s mentoring course as she sent me an information package passionately put together, written to serve me for the rest of my life… I just want to share with all my friends and supporters the journey I have started to live – a healthy life – and what this means to me as an activist.”





“I had just gotten engaged and was so worried that I wouldn’t look good in a wedding dress. Sima’s food and exercise plan really motivated me to feel good enough about myself to take the steps toward getting in shape the right way. Her program contains a food plan that even a picky eater like myself can enjoy. The work out plan is straightforward; everything is 30 minutes and so easy to perform. Sima really cares about weight loss, but more than that, she really cares about your emotional and mental health as well, and you can really feel that in this plan. I lost a total of 50 pounds and four dress sizes… 25 of those pounds were lost just in my first four weeks! And the best part is, I felt so beautiful on my wedding day!”nnAdvice for others: be patient. Don’t be too hard on yourself. In the end, you’re the only one who can give you what you’re after, so stick with it and be consistent!”

Paula Cleveland


Sherman Oaks, California




“I hired Sima as my personal trainer and we worked together for about 6 months. My first impression of her, like anyone who sees her is simply, WOW! She is so physically fit, leads such a healthy lifestyle and is so positive – she is simply a walking beam of energy and light. Not only did she get me into the best shape I had ever been in my life, she also devised a meal plan, worked with me to keep a journal – she is devoted to a full and complete wellness package and regime. She looked at my body like an engine, ran a diagnostic on every inch of me and carved out an amazing program focusing on specific muscle development and tone. She also asked me what I wanted to see change, of course. When she had the full picture, she pointed at different locations on my body and would tell me, “we are going to focus on this specific part of your body right now… yalla! I ALWAYS SAW RESULTS. I ended our session after six months because I felt that I would be able to maintain my workouts and eating habits and lifestyle that she helped to establish. Nine years later, I hired Sima again. This time I had gotten a little out of shape and had been a little depressed and wanted to have a baby. Needless to say she whipped me back into shape, mentally and physically and emotionally, and I have a 9-1/2 month old today. Sima continues to be in our lives and I continue to see how she affects others. She is truly amazing. She is the Mercedes Benz of Fitness products, the Ritz Carlton of services – she is five stars! She is committed to all of her engagements and has very high integrity. Sima’s dedication and commitment to her career, and to her clients and friends and family is top tier. I would highly recommend her for any company. Everyone needs a Sima to make them look and feel better, companies too! Thank you sincerely.”




“I am a professional dancer and singer, and there’s a tremendous amount of pressure in this profession to look a certain way. Being bombarded with picture-perfect celebrities adds additional pressure to look ‘perfect’. When I first met Sima, I was completely lost and had so many unrealistic expectations that led to immense frustration and weight gain. Sima’s program completely shifted my thoughts and taught me to set realistic expectations that led to a new me in just 4 short weeks! The plan itself taught me how to eat to stabilize my blood sugar, speed up my metabolism, and kept my cravings to a minimum. I followed the workouts twice a week, and I lost 10 pounds, got a flat tummy, felt more toned, and now fit in my smaller skinny jeans! It is incredibly easy and I’m living proof that this plan really works!” Advice for others: stop spending money on bogus diets that promise you’ll lose 20 pounds in 20 minutes. Speaking from experience, they might work in the beginning, but soon enough you’ll put the weight right back on. 3D-X is the real deal and will give you the power to change your body for life!”

Kat Holland


Los Angeles, California



As a physician’s assistant, I have always known and appreciated the value of good physical health. Now, as the owner of a mobile beauty service, I also know the value and importance of physical beauty. I had tried other diet programs before, but nothing came even close to Sima’s program. It combines simple mental and physical exercises that will kick your bad habits and kick start your weight loss. Her plan makes it easy for me to combine and balance both health and beauty in one easy to use package. The best part about the program is that it is all right there for you – everything is spelled out and there is no guess work involved. Sima provides the easiest, most efficient and cost effective way to get in shape… period!” Advice for others: Drink tons of H20! Take pictures along the way, and don’t reward yourself with food. Most importantly, just believe that you can do it.




“Let me start by saying that I had heard Sima is the best of the best. I am writing this to let you know it’s true! It took me a while to get up the courage to start training because I am what I would consider lazy when it comes to exercise. I used to be able to eat anything I wanted without working out but after I turned 30 I found myself buying a bigger jean size every year. I am now 34. When this photo, taken at my father’s ranch in Nicaragua, ended up on Facebook I realized I couldn’t hide my ‘middle of nowhere’ look even in the middle of nowhere. I decided it was time to have a bikini ready body by summer. Sima made it clear from the beginning that not only was I about to begin changing my body, but changing the way I look after myself in general. Her food program is straight forward, easy to follow and has slimmed me down in six short weeks. Her knowledge of what to eat and when is amazing! From supplements to portion sizes; she customized perfect eating habits for me. Including, my favorite, a cheat night! She has given me the confidence to work towards a body I never thought I would have and has changed my outlook on the importance of taking care of myself first and foremost, all while being guilt free. Even when I was skinny I wasn’t fit. I am now stronger and healthier than ever! She is encouraging and inspiring and doesn’t let you quit. I consider her a gift as the things she is teaching me are shaping not only my figure but the rest of my life. This is the best investment I have ever made for myself and for my family.”



North Hollywood, California



“The only issue that remained on my mind was that if I gain weight I could have had diabetes, hypertension, and possibly heart disease. I watched these diseases kill my mother, my uncle, and both my grandmothers. Unbelievably neither of them were overweight but they had fat-filled, high cholesterol, and high sugar diets. I was seeking not only a trainer but I felt I needed to somehow change how I combined food. I was not expecting to have one person that could fill both needs but Sima did. She expressed general concern not only for my weight loss but also overall my health from inside out… Just as any other task a person attempts, Sima makes you take responsibility for your health. Sima’s meal plan for you does not consist of foods you would never eat but foods you eat grouped together differently. Sima keeps the exercises basic. Exercises are performed at home, not a gym. Time is a premium for me because of my schedule of a full time job, a part time job, full time school and being a single parent. I could never accomplish this if I needed to attend the gym. The moral of the story is I have lost a total of 8 pounds in 4 sessions.”

Cynthia Payne


Burbank, California

“I knew as I was approaching 50 that it was finally time to get myself into shape. I’ve always been on the heavy side of the scale. I’ve tried several approaches, none of which were successful. Then, as luck would have it, Sima came into my life. It has been six weeks since I met Sima and I’m down 24 pounds. My initial goal was to drop about 50 pounds, so I’m at the halfway point. But it’s not necessarily more the number, as it is the feeling when I recently put on a suit only to find out that it’s now too large. This was not a difficult process. Through Sima’s nutritional guidance and exercise plan this has been incredibly easy. Her technique, guidance and caring have been the difference. If you have the desire and want positive results, Sima can direct you to a happy healthy lifestyle. Thanks for what you’ve done and continue to do.”

Jeff Stuart


Sherman Oaks, California



“I have been training with Sima for 3 months now. She helped me get a good insight on nutrition, though I was already measuring my food before. She improved my meal plans and snacks to fit my needs. With the nutrition and the training once a week, I see such a difference in my body’s shape and figure. I have lost inches from the arms, legs, thighs, and waist in just 10 weeks. It has also changed my self esteem. I feel good about myself and my body, and I am continuing to improve so I can tone it even better. I have had 4 children in less than 6 years, and prior to meeting Sima, it wasn’t easy to get the weight and inches off. But with the help of Sima it happened, and I saw it in front of my eyes every week. She knows exactly what exercises to do to improve any body part, and she knows how to change the nutrition plan on a weekly basis so you can get optimum results for yourself. I would highly recommend her for nutrition and as a trainer. All you need to do is to tell her your nutritional and body goals and she will hold your hand and help you through every step to achieve it!”




“As the owner of a mobile beauty spa I am always busy pampering everyone else. Upon meeting Sima, she created a meal plan that was to my amazement very easy to follow and I learned a whole new way of looking at food. Her meal plan and exercise program enabled me to make the necessary changes without much effect to my very busy schedule. With only 3 months on her program I have lost over 15 pounds and have even learned to like to exercise. My goal is to continue to lose 15 additional pounds and keep moving forward with her very simple and effective plan. Many, many thanks to Sima from the bottom of my heart for believing in me and most of all for all your supportive efforts. I am sure my grandchildren will also thank you someday.”






“I’ve never felt healthier. Sima not only adapted her plan for me, she has given me incredibly delicious and healthy vegan recipes. After one hour of training with Sima I’m exhausted but refreshed. My husband and I were directors at a residential weight control camp for fifteen years. Therefore, I believe I know what I am talking about when I say she is the best thing that has happened to me both for my looks and well being. I feel inspired to continue my journey with Sima and also feel that I have a new friend with similar life values.”

Muriel Kravette


Pending, California

“I have never felt lighter, stronger, and more fit in my entire life! Not only do I enjoy every delicious meal and snack, but working out with Sima is also fun and exciting! She pushes me to my limits but also encourages and motivates me every day to workout harder and eat smarter. Every week we create a custom meal plan together which makes it simple and easy to stick to. I have learned so much about lifelong fitness and health from Sima.”





“If you are ready for a life change, there is no better guide than Sima to help take you on a total transformation. Her nurturing approach can help you to materialize life gains you only dreamed possible and her self-empowering guidance can lead you to getting everything you want out of life. Working with Sima for the last two months has taking me on a fast track to being a better, stronger me both inside and out.”

Clyde Haygood

Celebrity Hairstylist

Studio City, California

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