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Our collaborative work with our partners and sponsors is entirely immersive. We take your products and services and incorporate them in the totality of our brand and our daily living. From using them in our recipes, to promoting them to our celebrity clients, to featuring them in our social media, publications, newsletters, campaigns, giveaways, demos, we- binars, training sessions, video shoots and interviews: you be- come part of the fabric of our brand, woven into all elements
of our business. This is not possible unless we believe in you, and that is also why we are able to present you to our followers seamlessly and authentically. For a list of our current sponsors, please see next page.


Why You Should Consider Working With Us?

We have the capability and the experience to reach and excite your target market through our immersive media presence as well as our on-going PR projects. We schedule many events with live audiences, photo and video shoots, training classes, and on-line courses all of which provide perfect venues and channels to promote your product and your brand. But that’s not all; we also have the power and reach of our clients. Our celebrity clients alone have the power to literally reach and influence millions of followers – a clear and proven path to marketing and commerce which we can orchestrate to promote your brand (please contact us so that we can present examples and success stories of how we utilize the power of our celebrity clients for our partners).



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